Anorgasmia treatment for women being trialed


Anorgasmia treatment for women being trialed

Reaching orgasm remains elusive for nearly 30 per cent of women, but a new ad hoc treatment currently under trial, may drastically reduce that number.One of the most common female sexual complaints, anorgasmia may be either life-long problem or acquired. Despite up to one-third of women being affected, the only available treatments are psychotherapy and sex therapy.

Now, researchers at Monash University, led by Professor Susan Davis of the Women’s Health Group, are testing the effectiveness of a testosterone-based ‘as required’, rather than ongoing, treatment for anorgasmia.

“We anticipate the treatment will work like Vi agra for women. Rather than a long-term, therapy-based approach, this drug can be taken when a woman anticipates sexual activity,” Professor Davis said.

“We have previously shown that for women with low sexual interest, testosterone therapy not only improves sexual desire and arousal, but also enhances a woman’s ability to reach orgasm.

The treatment would be administered in droplet sized doses via the nostrils and will be effective from two hours after it is administered, for up to six hours. With both neurological and vascular effects, it is anticipated the drug will be effective in the context of sexual activity, but will have no ill-effects if the activity doesn’t take place.

Professor Davis said sexual dysfunction had important health implications for women.

“Through previous research, we have shown that women under 50, who are not experiencing sexual pleasure will still participate in sexual activity on average five times per month, primarily to maintain relationship harmony,” Professor Davis said.

“Further, we have shown that women who report poor sexual functioning have lower wellbeing, despite not being depressed. Doctors have little to offer women who are experiencing anorgasmia, and this could be a breakthrough study for women who currently are frustrated by the lack of any treatment option.”

There are certain natural products that serve as a cure for anorgasmia and which may help some women suffering from anorgasmia. Fezinil is a natural product that works in increasing sensation in the clitoris and surrounding tissue.


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