Are You Killing Your Sex Drive?


Are You Killing Your Sex Drive?

While romantics believe that love can last you a lifetime, sex plays a major part in keeping those embers ignited. In a city where our lives are run by money, we are over-burdened with the weight that jobs bring and it’s common to experience a dip in desire, both to love and to make love. Ignorance can be your worst enemy. There are common things we do, things that are part of our daily regimen that sap our sex drive. Sexpert Dr Mahindra Watsa sheds light on things that could be siphoning away your love juice.

Hair Renewal Creams
Baldness might be a turn off for many women, but revitalising that crop might just be turning you off sex altogether. There are many baldness creams out there but a few new ones cause erectile dysfunction. A study by George Washington University School of Medicine has pinned it down to the drug finasteride. The study showed that 94 per cent of men using the drug felt lower levels of sexual desire, 92 per cent suffered erectile dysfunction and 69 per cent found it difficult to even have an orgasm. Experts feel that it alters levels of neurotransmitters, chemicals that affect mood and other bodily functions.

Contraception Pills
If you thought that the pill is a free pass for uninhibited lovemaking, think again. Contraceptive pills trick the brain into thinking that a woman’s body is pregnant, hence fertilization does not occur. Ironically, this is precisely what kills any desire for sex in some women. A hospital in Germany conducted a study on 1,000 women on oral contraception and most of them experienced lower levels of arousal. The cases Dr Watsa has encountered show that this affects different women differently.

Having a baby
While humans don’t have sex to only procreate, when it really comes down to it, having a child can cause a recession in the bedroom. Before conception, if a man feels that his erection is not good enough, this can result in him being put off sex. In women, the fear of pain during pregnancy, if not voiced, can result in the same. After conception, many women go through depression, putting them off. Even the attention a baby receives from the mother can make men wonder why things have changed in the relationship hindering the need for sex.

The cardiac club
People who get stressed out, drink and smoke excessively are part of the cardiac club for its long-term effects on your heart. Indulging in a vice might be fun, but it’s not so much under the sheets. Smoking and drinking can cause impotency and erectile dysfunction. While something as simple as a stock market crash or an ineffective day at work can translate negatively in the bedroom.

Common disease pills
Diabetes affects the nerves which causes a decrease in the sense of touch. The disease also causes a drop in testosterone levels and narrows your arteries down, a clear indication of erectile dysfunction.

The medication used for blood pressure has adverse side-effects on sex life. High blood pressure medication reduces the heart rate, hence reducing the blood flow through your body. This can hinder blood from reaching the genitals, giving rise to erectile dysfunction.

Tips to get it going again

Lifestyle changes
Talking to your partner is the first step to getting your sex life back on track. Cut down on sugar, caffeine, alcohol, processed foods and stop smoking to improve blood flow to your sexual organs. Consult your doctor about the medication you are taking. Exercise for at least half an hour three times a week, it will boost your libido and also make you feel sexy.

Organic sex boosters

While garlic might cause halitosis it also acts as a libido booster. Also add ginseng and ginger in your diet. Chocolate with high cocoa content works too. Low levels of zinc can reduce the libido. Wholemeal bread, brown rice, dark green leafy vegetables, lean red meat, turkey and shellfish are rich in zinc content.

Spice it up
Sex toys might be banned in India, but everyone has a friend who visits from debauched countries in the west. Use sex games, share your fantasies and remember not to judge. Psychological stimulation might be all that your flailing libido needs.

Natural Supplements
When a woman experiences an unwanted decrease in her libido, she is not doomed to eternal sexual dissatisfaction, but rather, she can use one of the many female libido enhancers available today. Female libido enhancers take many forms, but all have the ultimate goal of helping a woman increase her sex drive and thus helping her have the sex life she desires.


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