Best Female Libido Enhancers to Boost Your Sex Drive


Everyone’s sex life has its ups and downs. There’s nothing you can really do about it. There are many underlying reasons for decreased libido, especially in females. It could be stress, fatigue and hormonal changes. If you’ve been facing low libido recently, take a look at some natural Unani female arousal products to improve your sex drive.

How to Increase Female Libido Quickly

There are many Unani herbs which can help you boost your libido real quick.


Ashwagandha has been used by Ayurveda as a natural vitalizer for thousands of years. It has been known to act as an aphrodisiac and can ignite passion and desire. In women, it can boost libido and increase satisfaction. It stimulates blood flow to the clitoris which creates intense sexual experiences.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate which contains at least 70% cocoa will help increase dopamine levels in the brain, which is responsible for inducing feelings of pleasure. It relaxes the mind and lifts the mood thus making for a more wholesome sexual experience.


Gokshura has been known to increase desire, arousal and lubrication in women. It can stimulate intense orgasms and sexual satisfaction. Gokshura increases the androgen receptors in the brain which makes the body more responsive to testosterone. It is also known to reduce anxiety and act as a natural painkiller. It works as an energy enhancer too.

Avena Sativa (Oats)

Oats work as an aphrodisiac and contain libido-stimulating properties especially in women. They increase vaginal stimulation which increases the physical desire for sex. Oats also work to boost emotional sexual desires.


You can also boost your libido by eating certain fruits and vegetables on a regular basis. Figs, avocados and bananas are considered aphrodisiacs and can boost your libido. They also provide various minerals and vitamins which increase the blood flow to the genitals leading to an improved sex life.

Meditate and Reduce Stress

Women who are stressed suffer from reduced libido and desire. To relieve stress, practice yoga and meditation and enjoy better orgasms.


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