Does Having A Baby Really Mean No Sex?


Having a baby should be one of the most wonderful and blissful times of your life; you have a new little bundle of joy to love and take care of, and your wife’s breasts have grown to a size that would make Pamela Anderson grimace with jealousy.

How great is that? The increase in breast size sure makes you want to lay it to your glowing new MILF, but wait… she is not in the least bit interested, you say? You mean there is no motor-boating those big, bouncing milk-jugs any time in the near future?


The sad fact for many couples is that sexual desire and intimacy greatly diminishes after a baby is born. Many factors play into this: the stress of the baby, the major life changes it brings, sleep-deprivation, hormonal imbalances, possible postpartum depression… there is a whole lot going on that can take its toll. Sex can easily get pushed to the back-burner, but it doesn’t have to.


Let’s face it men: women have a whole lot more going on than you do. She has just carried and birthed a human – something you could never even dream of doing. Think about everything that goes along with that- all of the incredible changes that take place inside and out. There is a hormonal stew that is literally being stirred up inside your partner and it is not being kind, especially after she pops that little one out. The aftermath of postpartum depression can be an awful thing to experience, for both the man and the women alike. Who even thinks of sex when their feeling like that? You might as well just kiss your sex-life goodbye…

Don’t Despair

Fellas, I have good news. The days of being spontaneously ravaged by your ladies have only taken a brief pause. You will again resume your raunchy fantasies lived out in vivid detail with your lady love; you will again regain your status as #1 sex god in your household, so don’t despair. You will be that man again, I promise.


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