Factors affecting female sex drive


Unlike men, female sexual desire is complex and is affected by social, psychological and physical components. Problem in any one of them can affect your libido. Here are some main causes of low sex drive in women:


Some women experience loss of desire after undergoing surgery in genital tract or other part of the body that affect their sexual function. Medical conditions like arthritis, cancer, diabetes, coronary artery disease and neurological diseases can also kill libido. If you experience pain during intercourse or are no able to climax, then it can put you off sex. Certain antidepressants and anti-seizure medications cause low libido in women as a side-effect.


Female sex drive is significantly affected by hormonal changes. This is the reason, most women experience reduced sex drive during transition to menopause when oestrogen level drop dramatically. A lot of hormonal changes occur during pregnancy and therefore, after child birth many women complain about loss of sexual desire.


If both the physical and hormonal components are not causing low sexual desire, then your problem can be psychological. Anxiety, depression, stress, poor body image, low self-esteem or history of physical or sexual abuse can decrease your interest in sex. Reduced interest in sex can sometimes also be due to relationship issues like infidelity, conflicts with partner or differences in sexual needs.

Coping with low libido in women

As we have just discussed, there are many reasons for low libido in women, but the silver lining here is that most of these issues can be dealt with using female libido enhancers and certain lifestyle changes. Natural sex drive enhancers are probably the most popular choice among women as they can quickly shoot up your sexual desire without causing any side-effects. We offer you a diverse collection of natural female libido enhancers that are formulated using herbs and ingredients that have been specially selected for their ability to boost sex drive.

A powerful combination of herbs used in these natural pills not only supports healthy libido but also helps improve your overall performance by intensifying orgasm and increasing sexual stamina. We aim to supplements that can be taken conveniently, discreetly and have low risk of side effects. While you take natural supplements to boost your sex drive, we also advise you to compliment them with a healthy lifestyle. You should also decrease sugar intake and try some de-stressing activities.


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