Factors Affecting Women’s Libido


Factors Affecting Women’s Libido

The libido is different from one person to another. This is especially true among women as they are bound to different factors especially hormonal problems. As compared to men, women usually have no mood for sex or has just stopped wanting to do the sexual act. This may impose many problems especially when the relationships to their partners have begun to take its toll. This would bother many women on what would be the cause of their not-in-the-mood for sex. With that, here are the factors affecting the libido of women.

Hormonal Factors

Women have more hormonal activities than men do. This is prominently seen every month, as their menstrual cycle begins and ends for a few days or so. Many women experience pre-menstrual syndrome, which will make them not to want to have sex. Women that are pregnant also have shoot-up hormones that will affect their mood, and their after-birth condition also entails many secretions of hormone. However, there are moments when they seem to ask sexual activity. This may be the increase of estrogen level that perks up their mood, or they are not undergoing stress.

Emotional Factors

Emotional problems and other factors also affect the sexual drive, or the female libido. Again, as compared to men, women are more inclined to their emotional self and that will definitely be a problem when their partners began asking for some love making. Of course, there are some men that are also emotional but that ratio of men and women of being in-touch with their emotion are more prominent in women. Emotional problems may occur when there is a negativity that surrounds the women. It may be a fight between the couple, misunderstanding with the family or arguments at work. These affect the mood of the women and so it is true when men say that women are to be taken care of and be happy.

Psychological Factors

This may be any medical condition that affects the female libido especially when they are suffering from any psychiatric diseases. This may also be an effect to any abuse that was experienced either when they are a child or when some people abuse them in any way. The effects become so serious that it does not affect the emotions, but the way of thinking as well. The psychological factors also are affected when women have addictive habits like drugs or alcohol. They may be inclined to many health problems that may result to lower incidence of libido. Massive depression, hallucinations, schizophrenic and other serious conditions may take effect. As an intervention, doctors and specialists should treat the patients with necessary programs, counseling sessions and other methods.

These factors affect the mood of women to have sex. In addition, other factors are lack of physical activity and poor diet. In order to overcome being not-in-the-mood for sex, determine first what may be the cause and from there, know how to treat the cause either with your own initiative or with a professional.

Apart from the above mentioned factors, certain psychological causes can result in reduced sex drive in women including low self-esteem, poor body image, past traumatic sexual experience and certain other common yet extremely bothersome mental factors such as anxiety, chronic stress and depression. Fezinil offers a unique and discreet way to boost your libido and let you find your sex drive again.


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