FAQ – Fezinil Female Enhancement Capsules

FAQ – Fezinil Female Enhancement Capsules

What is Fezinil?

Fezinil is a female enhancement capsule that is made from natural herbs and essential components. It is an alternative to modern drugs to increase female libido without causing any side or harmful effects. The product is trusted and tested by hundreds of thousands of women across the world. Not only this product benefits women who suffer from low libido but also those who want to enhance their sexual lives also prefer this natural product to maintain their relationships with their partners.

How does Fezinil work?

Fezinil is a natural product made from herbal extracts. However, each herb used in the product’s formula has been researched separately for their female libido enhancing properties. The formula contains the blend of timely tested herbs that have been used and prescribed by folk medicine practitioners for treating low sex drive in women for centuries.

Sex drive in women depends on their sex hormones’ quality and quantity. For any reason, if a woman produces less quality or inadequate female sex hormone, she’s likely to suffer from low libido. Also, there are certain mental factors that affect female libido.

Fezinil has a unique combination of natural herbs that not only check the physiological problem but also address the issues with the mental attitude. Researchers say that herbs used in the product of Fezinil, the female libido enhancement capsules possess some properties that interact with brain portion responsible to increase the sex desire.

How are you sure about the quality of Fezinil?

Fezinil contains the blend of the herbs that are handpicked from the land that is most fertile. Also, after handpicking the herbs, they undergo vigorous ‘selecting’ process before getting into a capsule. We pass our raw ingredients through several procedures and quality testing before making them into a bottle. We follow international standard rules and are GMP certified. The product is made in India and is approved by authentic bodies.

How do ingredients in Fezinil function on a woman’s body?

The ingredients used in the formula of Fezinil mimic estrogen, the most important hormone in women’s body. This hormone is responsible for sexual desire and development in them. The herbs used as ingredients in Fezinil possess estrogen-like properties and serve as the original estrogen in women’s body. In this way, it helps developing sexual desire and intensify orgasms in women.

Why is there a problem of low female libido or decreased sex desire in women?

Today’s lifestyle is very hectic for a woman especially an urban woman. Improper diet, no regular exercises, pollution, junk food and many other factors have made a lot of unwanted changes in women’s body over the period of past couple of decades. As a result of this, low libido or sexual drive and infertility have become a common problem in today’s world.

Other than the factors described above, events like pregnancy, monthly cycles, intake of hormonal pills or synthetic estrogens, the period of menopause etc. have heavy impact on woman’s sex drive and they have low libido.

What benefits do women get taking Fezinil?

There are multiple benefits of taking woman enhancement capsules – Fezinil. The product is a natural herbal product that enhances woman’s sexual drive and make their sexual life great than ever before. Here are the benefits of taking Fezinil regularly –

  • Boost in sexual endurance
  • Heightened and intensified orgasms
  • Multiple orgasms
  • Increase female libido
  • Quick arousal and deep orgasms
  • Prolonged foreplay and capability to sustain longer
  • Overall better vaginal health (including natural lubrication)

What time does it take to feel the results?

Fezinil is a natural product and it takes a bit time to correct the problem from the root. It is NOT a steroid that works faster, and gives quicker but temporary and harmful results. As with any natural medicine, it solely depends on woman’s body’s response to the formula of Fezinil. The ingredients or herbs used in the formula serve as the original estrogen in woman’s body and the body has to respond that way. Nevertheless, it does give the result, if not now, then later. Having this said, some women get results in a month or two whereas others may take over three months to feel the results. In this, one should not forget that Fezinil is also a female supplement that can be taken without having any low libido issue and prolong use of this product may serve as good maintenance agent.

I do not have any female libido issue; may I still take Fezinil?

Of course, you can. Fezinil is female enhancement capsules and can be used by both the women having sexual issue and those who want their every sexual act to be a kickass event! The product helps rejuvenate reproductive organs of a woman and the organs perform better. In addition, Fezinil also has some knock-on effects that keep overall health of women better.

I have vaginal dryness; will Fezinil help me cure this?

Fezinil has a combination of herbs that help address multiple issues in women. One of the benefits of taking Fezinil is to get rid of vaginal dryness, as the ingredients used in the product are likely to lubricate the vaginal track naturally. The herbs possess the properties of natural lubrication and rejuvenation of the female reproductive organs and track. However, it should not be considered as a first line treatment of vaginal dryness. If you are suffering from it, you may consult your family physician.

What are the ingredients in Fezinil?

Fezinil contains the blend of potential herbs known for their female libido increasing property. Here are the ingredients found in each capsule –

  • Tribulus terrestris
  • Elettaria cardamomum
  • Roots of Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera)
  • Symplocos racemosa
  • Rubia cordifolia
  • Nardostachys Jatamansi
  • Saraca indica

Are there any side effects of Fezinil?

Till date, we have not received any complaint or report that described an unwanted or side effect of the product. Fezinil generally is well tolerated by women and hundreds of thousands of them have been using it all across the world. The product is 100% natural, organic and herbal. Each of the ingredient is tested and trusted by the folk practitioners. Also, there are many evidences of scientific studies that reveal that the herbs are woman-friendly, well tolerated and less likely to cause any hazard.

What if I still get side effects of Fezinil?

Nothing is guaranteed in health science. If you are allergic to any of the ingredients used in Fezinil, you may get some side effect. It is for this reason, our experts recommend checking the ingredients first and if you are allergic to any of them, avoid taking Fezinil. In case you get the reaction or side effects after taking the capsules, do not take the next dose and consult your family physician. We also recommend using this or any such product after consulting your doctor.

What are the contraindications of Fezinil?

Though the product of Fezinil is well tolerated and used for female enhancement or to increase woman’s libido, the capsules are contraindicated in a breastfeeding woman (nursing mother), pregnant woman, and a woman with known allergy to any ingredient used in Fezinil.