Female Libido Enhancement – How to Choose Right Libido Enhancer


Female Libido Enhancement – How to Choose Right Libido Enhancer

If you think that you suffer from a loss of libido (that simply means that you are not so interested in sexual activities anymore) there is nothing to worry a lot about! This is because there are many ways to have a female libido enhancement. There is nothing to feel that there is an end of the sexuality and you will not say goodbye to those lovely orgasms anymore! Feeling loss of libido can be essentially upsetting, especially when you have previously had enjoyed high sex drive. In many cases, women simply cannot understand that their body suddenly experience female libido loss. More bad is it may also affect the way the female and her sexual partner interact with each other.

Without a proper female libido enhancement, the female feels simply pushing her man without any particular reason. In some unfortunate cases, the female feels that she does not want him anymore anywhere! As if sexual activities and intercourse is far away, female with loss of libido cannot tolerate even sensual touch! For some women, even if they try to get aroused and talk about this to his man, it is difficult to feel sensuality and sexuality. This in turn may end up in arguments and even in some worst cases, the breakdown of a sexual relationship if she does not do something about it.

Female libido enhancement can be achieved using lots of supplements and products those are readily available on the market.

Let us look at some of such enhancement techniques:

Female Viagra-like medications

Of course, there are lots of manufacturers who banking upon the success of Viagra and they start focusing on developing some medicine that works in a similar way but for females. Female libido enhancement through female Viagra like medicines act by increasing the blood flow within the female genital organs. This, in turn, results in better vaginal lubrication and relaxed vaginal and pelvic muscles.

However, the loss of libido in women is due to many reasons and not always because of vaginal dryness or irritation. In fact, product Viagra-like pills for female libido enhancement can do good things for the women who have lost interest in sex. Generally, Viagra-like pills contain potential herbal extracts that are known to increase the sexuality in females. The herbs such as Shatavari, Ashwagandha, Shilajit, Guduchi, Ashoka etc are claimed to be female libido enhancement agents and can safely be used in treating other female sexual problems.

Testosterone patches and pills

The sexual hormones, and especially the male sex hormone like testosterone, have been also used in treating the female sexual dysfunction. For the woman who has undergone hysterectomy (surgical removal of the uterus) or oophorectomy (or ovariectomy – the surgical removal of an ovary or both ovaries), the treatment with testosterone has reported some benefits to improve sexuality and so used as female libido enhancement agent.

However, while using testosterone as a female libido enhancer, one is to be cautious about the dosage and its duration and hence, it is always better to consult some health care provider. However, many health care providers, especially holistic health care providers believe that testosterone may not be so useful in treating decreased female libido since the level of testosterone is not the only cause (and not the only hormone) that influences women’s sexuality drive. Another thing is excess testosterone may cause plenty of undesired side effects including causing facial hair or spots, development of male voice, male-pattern baldness and many more.


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