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There are a lot of options on the market today for women having troubles with FSD(Female Sexual Dysfunction) or HSDD(Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder). Exercise equipment like kegal exercisers, therapies, pharmaceutical drugs, hormone therapies, and female libido supplements. Trying to manage the hectic lifestyles that women take on in this day and age makes it very challenging to adhere to a very healthy and varied diet. Exercise is sporadic if it’s happening at all. Add to that the complications of menopause lack of sexual energy and the effects of child birth on the female anatomy and hormone levels and it can be quite the challenge to maintain a healthy sex life. However, sex is a natural part of life and one of the most enjoyable mental and physical activities a woman can partake in. It’s also a requirement to maintain a healthy lifestyle as it keeps our bodies in shape both physically and spiritually.

Various methods of libido enhancement

Just like anything in this world where there is a will there is a way. Even better stated where there is a problem there is a solution and people will pay for that solution. That means lots of companies are looking at ways to help women with female sexual dysfunction and hypo active sexual desire disorder. Currently, there are three major approaches at boosting female libido:

1.Pharmaceutical and Hormone Therapies

Major drug companies have caught on. With the development and rapidly wild success of Viagra the libido booster for men that helps with erectile dysfunction major pharma companies are quickly at work to create a Viagra for women. It’s estimated that 47% of women suffer from some sort of female impotence and there have been quite a few attempts at launching an offering. Most potential products in this category are going to be some sort of estrogen or testosterone hormone therapy delivered in an effective manner. Usually a testosterone patch, gel, or cream there are serious side effects and risks with this approach.

2.Female Libido Supplements

Just like Viagra has its natural and homeopathic formulas there are a wide assortment of female libido enhancement supplements. Companies are hard at work trying to build great products using natural supplements and known aphrodisiacs in tested combinations and formulas released for over the counter sales. A great alternative with much lower health risks than hormones these are easy to buy online with the privacy of the internet. Most products in this category are packaged in either a natural tablet that you take just like a daily vitamin or a topical cream or gel that you apply to the vaginal area before or during sexual intercourse. Most of the ingredients are those like Ginkgo, Ginseng, L Arginine, Muca Root, and others found in our female aphrodisiac section but the combination are potent and these are proving to be an effective ally for women lacking that important orgasm in their life.

3.Exercise and Female Aphrodisiac Diets

The easiest and most affordable libido enhancer is building a strong exercise regiment and eating right. We have an entire section devoted to articles about aphrodisiac foods and activities a woman can do to increase female sexual energy. However, this proves to be the least effective approach.


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