How To Cure Low Libido In Women Desire For Intimacy


Low libido or low sex drive in women is a major problem that affects millions of women worldwide. Moreover, it is a sexual problem that can occur at any age, and causes distress to every affected woman. Nevertheless, low sex drive in women is treatable, and should be addressed, because untreated sexual problem can lead to several other problems. For example, low sex drive is considered as a leading cause for destruction of love relationships. However, there are several causes for low sex drive and, understanding them can help to cure low libido in women.

1. Stress and fatigue is one of the most common causes for loss of sex drive in women. In particular, stress is more infamous to rob sexual appetite of the affected women. Nevertheless, fatigue can also reduce the desire for intimacy.

2. Some of the physiological diseases can also take a toll of suffering women’s libido, for example arthritis, neurological problems, abnormal blood pressure, and diabetes. In particular, diabetes and disturbed blood pressure are two most common libido killers.

3. Some of the medications that are essential to use on regular basis can cause reduction of lovemaking desire. For example, medications for blood pressure or depression can effectively kill sex drive in women.

4. Women who indulge in drinking excessive amount of alcohol or, women who are addicted to alcohol are more prone to develop sexual problems. In addition, usage of recreational drugs is also lethal for sex drive.

5. Menopause is the time when body of the affected woman goes through hormonal changes. Moreover, level of estrogen and testosterone drops at the time of menopause, which results in, decreased sex drive. Also, the dryness of female genital can make lovemaking painful, due to which affected women refrain from lovemaking.

6. Hormone level gets disturbed at the time of pregnancy and childbirth. In addition, breast feeding can also disturb the hormone levels in the body. And, uneven balance of hormone levels can lead suffering women towards less desire for intimacy.

7. Relationship problems are also one of the leading causes for low libido in women. Moreover, dissatisfaction in relationship can effectually decrease sex drive.

8. Improper circulation of blood in the female reproductive system can impair the functioning of the reproductive organs, due to this desire for intimacy may reduce.

Nevertheless, habit of exercising on regular basis, eating nutritious foods, and avoiding emotional pressures can effectively help to cure low libido in women. However, many women are attracted towards the usage of natural supplements, because they provide the biggest benefits. Moreover, natural supplements are made of certain herbs that improve blood flow towards female reproductive system to cure low libido in women. Furthermore, they efficiently balance the hormone levels in the body and, improve secretion of estrogen and testosterone hormones. In addition, they calm the nerve cells to prevent occurrence of stress and anxiety. Besides, they improve sensitivity of clitoral, which helps to boost response to sexual stimulation. And, natural supplements increase natural lubrication of female genital to cure low libido in women. For more information click here


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