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In today’s busy world, you have to do different things to keep sexual interest alive and exciting. You have to usually work hard to keep libidos intact. Women need extra care and attention. You can use chemical and natural libido enhancers to increase sexual desire. Among the natural libido boosters, the biggest ones are aphrodisiacs.

There are many female libido boosters and enhancers. You can use different female aphrodisiac foods and herbs to naturally increase sexual desire in women. For instance, chocolate is considered a female aphrodisiac and is an exceedingly common and favorite choice.

There are different natural libido enhancers for women that concentrate on texture and taste. Aphrodisiacs basically relax your body and trigger your hormones, improving your libido. They are known to benefit the body on a mental and physical level. There has been no scientific study on the actual success of aphrodisiacs. But over the years different combinations have been known to work. Most popular aphrodisiacs are either visual or have qualities that improve sexual health and libido.

Chocolate, strawberries, honey, asparagus, oysters and vanilla are all visually sensual foods associated with romance and improved libido. Other food items like bananas, pine nuts, carrots, almonds, pineapple, ginger, basil, aniseed and avocado, all have nutritive properties that improve libido by increasing different hormones, producing endorphins and serotonin. Caffeine, raspberries, nutmeg are all flavors that can eroticize your evening and improve your sexual appetite. Arugula is not only a healthy salad green but is also known for its benefits as a sexual aid.

Avocado’s sensual texture and phallic appearance made it once a popular aphrodisiac in Europe. Chili which releases endorphins into your bloodstream is a very unlikely aphrodisiac. Figs are also considered erotic fruits, visually and to eat. Garlic is a very unlikely natural food to be considered an aphrodisiac. It is a very libido friendly food, which, according to lore, makes women fall in love with men. Licorice is another common flavor used in aphrodisiacs. It is used in China to invoke love and lust provoking properties. Celery is known to stimulate sexual arousal in women so you could include it in your meal for the evening. Alcohol is frequently used to improve sexual desire as it loosens inhibitions. Sometimes using alcohol can backfire so it is best used in moderation.

Let’s see ways to increase sexual desire. Planning a menu around different foods considered aphrodisiacs can be a good way to start off a romantic evening. Think of tiramisu and a delicious cappuccino! Or chocolate coated strawberries with aromatherapy candles!

There are even herbs and aromatherapy oils that act as natural libido enhancers. Basil is known to stimulate fertility and a sexual drive and has been used for centuries. Jasmine oil is a noted oil used to improve sexual drives. Kava kava is another oil that can heighten sexuality and improve the experience. Rose and sandalwood oils are also aphrodisiacs and work well when used in massaged. Some other herbs that help to increase sexual desire in women are damiana leaf, muira puama, squawroot and licorice.

Natural sexual enhancers and boosters all work well but for women to enjoy consistent improved sexual life, they need to make lifestyle changes. Eat and rest well. De-stress and learn to love your own body. Find time for hobbies and enjoy the small pleasures in life. That will help build a sustained, improved relationship and eventually improve your sexual health too.


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