Menopause Symptoms: Loss of Female Libido


Menopause Symptoms: Loss of Female Libido

As you go through menopause, you may experience disturbed sleep, vaginal dryness, and psychological changes. The upheaval of sleep patterns caused by these symptoms can leave you less interested in sex, the Menopause Society’s guidebook says.

Decreased blood supply to the vagina can lead to vaginal dryness and thinning of the vaginal wall lining (atrophy). This can make sexual intercourse uncomfortable and even painful, hardly a recipe for sexual arousal. In addition, your body is producing less of the male sex hormone androgen, which is thought to be associated with desire.

Coping With Decreased Female Libido

If you’re experiencing a loss of libido, you know it’s much more than a physical issue. You may feel guilty, frustrated, and depressed. If you do, you’re not alone, “Some women experience a sense of loss and grieving. Their bodies are changing, and to complicate matters, this sometimes correlates with the beginning of empty-nest syndrome,” Weiner says.

But you don’t have to keep your feelings to yourself. Weiner recommends that you express your concerns to your partner and together figure out how to make your sex life work. It’s really important that both partners read up on this, and it’s important for husbands and partners to understand the physical and emotional changes you’re going through. Ask your partner for what you need; maybe it’s more wooing or dating. “If you need the fan on full-power during sex, so be it. Find ways to overcome things that get in the way of desire or don’t contribute to it,” Weiner says.

You and your partner may also want to consider meeting with a sex therapist, who can give you specific, individualized advice. And you should discuss your physical symptoms with your obstetrician-gynecologist, who may be able to prescribe something to help you.

Treating Low Libido

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