One guaranteed tip to keep passion alive in your relationship


One guaranteed tip to keep passion alive in your relationship

Save the doldrums for the water cooler, because your love life is about to rock and roll (but play nice!). Sure there are entire tomes and TV shows devoted to keeping passion passionate, but you don’t need a library card or even a magazine subscription to teach you everything you need to please and be pleased.

Set your preferences to pleasure ladies, because here we go.

Sex is only as good as the effort you put into it. Now, that may sound mechanical, but hear me out. When you’ve been with someone long enough to know their strengths, weaknesses, fantasies, and pleasure points, it’s pretty easy to make love like a pro. But that can often be the problem.

Think about your favorite singer, painter, or even chef. Do you adore them for doing everything effectively, or for taking chances, opening up, and breaking down your walls? The answer is obvious, and so is my advice. But many of us stop trying new things in bed because we know what works. And there’s no shame in that. If you can drive your partner crazy in 30 seconds flat, you have every reason to get your groove on. But when was the last time you took the long way ‘round?

Try this: Next time you’re getting close and cozy, challenge yourself to find a whole new path to pleasure. Take a detour and kiss, nibble, or graze outside your preferred waypoints. Got a surefire move that always delivers? Tonight, that one’s off limits.

Trying in bed can mean a lot of things, but creativity comes first. Even if it doesn’t beat your all-time best bedroom bets, your partner will feel totally attended to and remember what it was like before you knew everything about one another. This could be as simple as starting with a new kind of kiss, a new position, a new piece of lingerie, or in a new part of your home. No need to throw it all together! But by adding a dash of the unexpected each time you come together, you’ll both get a chemical dose of excitement and adrenaline that can simulate the bliss of the unknown.

And if that sounds exciting, stay tuned! We’ll be interviewing some truly inspiring sexperts for all kinds of ideas on spicing up marriages and long-term relationships. And if you really want to kick things off, I can’t tell you how much I recommend Fezinil supplements. Having used them for a year now, I am astonished at the very noticeable difference they’ve made for my libido.

Go forth and get lucky!


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