Synthetic Hormones: Effects on the Female Libido


Synthetic Hormones: Effects on the Female Libido

Sex hormones play an important role in sexual function, including sex drive and libido. In fact they are responsible for all the major stages of sexual development which begins even at childhood. The influence of hormones is none more evident than in puberty and menopause.

Contraceptive Pills and Female Libido

Birth control pills are used to control the levels of sex hormones. Basically pills are used to control the release of eggs preventing fertilization by the sperm cell. This is done by changing the levels of sex hormones such as estrogen and progesterone.

Estrogen is the hormone responsible for maintaining vaginal moisture and lubrication. In order for a female to experience a healthy and normal sex drive, all sexual functions must act perfectly. Any alterations could mean a deviation from the normal enjoyment derived from intercourse.

Hormonal changes may lower the amount of moisture or lubrication which leads to discomfort and pain during sex. This can lead to decreased appreciation for performing sex and drives sexual libido down.

Mood swings are seen in the normal menstrual cycle. This is due to the interaction of different hormones in the female’s body. Birth control pills alter the amount of hormones produced in the body and a lot of these hormones influence female libido.

Contraceptive pills affect the production of sex hormones which has a direct effect on female libido. Testosterone in men is responsible for sexual drive in men. These too are produced in small amounts in the female body and are also responsible for normal female libido. Androgen, a sex hormone responsible for sexual pleasure is also affected further decreasing female libido and sex drive.

Other negative side effects of using birth control pills include bouts of depression, mood swings, headaches and weight gain. A quick glance on these side effects could surely indicate decreased appetite for intimacy. Sexual desire or female libido depends on a lot of factors and one important factor is the ability to appreciate sex. These conditions make it truly difficult for a female or any person for that matter to look forward to or appreciate sex.

Hormone Treatment during Menopause

Factors related to the normal aging process and menopause contributes to decreased female libido. Lower levels of estrogen and testosterone for example contribute to decreased female libido. Testosterone plays an important role in normal libido for sexes and any changes in their normal levels will also have an effect on the person’s sex drive.

Estrogen is usually used for women who might be suffering from a lower sex drive after menopause. This is also used for treating women suffering from fatigue, depression and decreased sex drive after surgical removal of their ovaries. In addition to estrogen, testosterone is also sometimes used to boost sex drive in women.

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