The Causes of Decreased Female Libido


The Causes of Decreased Female Libido

Sexual activity is also important, as it is also vital for the survival of men. Many experts consider sex as an essential component in order to live longer and healthier. Of course, the production of sperm and egg cell is not there for no reason right. With that, it is good to acknowledge that sexual function really has to be taken care of. While men see libido as an ego matter or as a way to further pleasure themselves, women think otherwise. In fact, it is not just about pleasure but the ability to satisfy their partner and to conceive a child. This is especially true among families who are now planning to have kids. More often than not, women are tend to feel more disappointed every time there is no child in their womb. They tend to blame themselves more than their partner and this may cause stress, emotional problems, lack of confidence and many others.

There are many causes that affects the libido of women, there may be emotional problems that may bring about from any fights, sadness or depressions. There are also factors that may be beyond the control of women like hormonal imbalances, problems in their ovaries and many others. Psychological factors also may take in control of the capacity of women to have sex especially when they are into some kind of addiction or was abused by their loved ones. These are the usual cause that should be immediately addressed by professionals, loved ones or the individual herself. Aside from these, there are other factors that reduce the female libido of women, here is a list:

Poor Diet

Poor diet is one of the common causes why women cannot conceive. It is good to know that the nutritional status of women before they conceive a child is very important as it affects the baby’s growth and development. That is why couple who would like to have a baby must see to it that they are investing more on healthy foods so that their baby will come out normal and healthy. One of the recommended nutrients is folic acid. Folic acid is important for the growth and development of the fetus especially in the brain area. Other nutrients important are iron, cooper, Omega fatty acids, Vitamin A, B-vitamins and many others. To know more about the food that are needed to be eaten, ask the doctors, nutritionist or any allied professionals.

Lack of Exercise

Stress, pressures and other negativity can be washed away when there is a regular exercise performed at least 3 times a week, for 30 minutes or so. It is where the body whole system is improved and that includes the reproductive health. It was found out that the female libido increases when women are active as compared to having a sedentary lifestyle. So if you want to have a baby, be physical active and you will see the changes it will bring to your life. To know what fitness routine you should practice, visit your fitness trainer today.

Sometimes blood flow to the genitalia is the biggest reason for a decreased sex drive or an inability to actually climax. We ladies are typically slow starters anyway but if it takes longer than normal this may rally be a damper on date night and might make the whole thing seem like too much effort.

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