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It helps boost immunity, relieves stress and let’s not forget the good mood endorphins. But, what’s important to understand is to know how to maintain and improve your sex life day in and day out. Take our relationship advice and read on to know about the top 11 tips to maintain your sexual health and have a healthy sex life.

Perform Kegel exercises for a better sex life. Kegel exercises strengthen the PC muscles by increasing the flow of blood circulation in the pelvic region, thus improving their tone and sensitivity. Strong PC muscles result in stronger sensations during arousal and orgasm. Squeezing them during sex can enhance the orgasmic pleasure for women.

Here’s how to perform Kegel exercises. To start with, sit in a relaxed position with your legs slightly apart or lie down on your back with the knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Now focus and start contracting the PC muscles as tightly as you can, 30 to 50 repetitions in rapid succession. Breathe freely throughout. After this, contract and hold the PC muscles for 5 seconds and then relax for 5 seconds, gradually increasing this to 10 second contractions and 10 second relaxation. As you master this, keep introducing variations by holding the contractions for longer durations with equal rest intervals.

Never treat sex as a burden. The key lies not in thinking about ways to deny it to your partner, but to think of ways to be enthusiastic about your sex life. It should be an active de-stressor in your life. After all, who wouldn’t love a good sex life? Talk your partner into it if you are in the mood for it tonight. Let things like cleaning, making dinner, attending work calls all be attended well in time. Candle light dinners are passe, we say dress down for it, take a shower together and let the passion unfold!

Top 3 foods that will help boost your sex life:

Raw oysters. Identified as one of the top ranked aphrodisiacs, raw oysters help in setting the mood. They are known for increasing the quantity of sperm in men. Some say that if you incorporate raw oysters in your foreplay session, the sticky, slimy flavour of raw oysters is enough to get you in the mood.

Strawberries. Enough has already been said about how the colour red helps in igniting passion. This red wet, drippy fruit makes for an excellent foreplay fruit. Drip the juices over your partner’s body and you’ll do just fine.

Avocado. Full of unsaturated fats, they are rich in folic acid which helps in metabolizing proteins in the body thus giving you more energy. They are indeed excellent for your heart health and if they are good for your heart, they have to be good for your sex life. Isn’t it?

Say NO to smoking for a better sex life. Nicotine in cigarettes is known to be the biggest reason for damaging veins and arteries. Smoking leads to the damaging of blood vessels – yes, even to the private parts of the body. Medically speaking, acute vasospasm, contraction of the penile tissue, and restricted blood flow to the penis are all dreadful effects of smoking. In fact, cigarette smoking can also lead to male infertility, by reducing the quality of semen.

Make small gestures at the right time. Aging emotions, psyche and lack of interest in sex can negatively impact a person’s sex life, if left unchecked and untreated. As age advances many people start taking stock of their life. This may lead to unpleasant feelings such as existential anxiety, stress and depression.

Thus, it is important to do simple things at the right time to reveal to her/him that you are still interested! Play with her while she is busy cooking, or send him an erotic message from your phone while he is busy finishing some last minute mails at night, snuggle with each other when you are watching television together.

Don’t assume that he or she is the expert. More often than not, men like to boast that they are experts at sex because they are often ashamed to admit their insecurity and inexperience. So, do not assume that he’s the expert. And, all the men out there, you should also not be kept under the false illusion of her being the expert all the time. Communicate your desires with your partner and ensure that it isn’t always him or her leading.

Sex therapy can also work to maintain your sexual health. Before you come to a decision to see a sex therapist, take the time to dig in and explore whether it is truly what you need. Sex therapy will not teach you how to have sex. Instead, it helps remove anxieties, change attitudes and behaviour, so that normal response is not inhibited.

Now you may ask what happens in a sex therapy session. Lots of people come to sex therapy after personal behaviour therapy fails, to help them with their intersexual problems. In most cases sex therapy deals with emotive issues, which hamper fundamental sexual problems. It also applies behavioral proficiencies to deal with the physiological symptoms.

Don’t forget to enjoy foreplay. Even though you may be anxious or excited, do not jump to it. Take your time and give the other person time to warm up by indulging in extended foreplay. Make sure you are amply aroused before intercourse. Else sex can be more of a pain than pleasure and it can really be a disastrous experience.

Manage your aging sex life effectively. Your desire for sex may plummet because of the low levels of testosterone in your body or because of age-linked health conditions. Medically, it is suggested that you should not be focused on achieving orgasm, but you should start enjoying each other’s bodies and compatibility.

Don’t rely too much on unnecessary drugs and always make it a point to talk to your doctor before starting any new medication routine, as it may have an adverse affect on your sexual desire.

Masturbating, sensual massages, kissing, cuddling and maintaining open channels of communication are all essential to revive your interest in sex.

Enhance your sex life if you are depressed. A few ways to overcome depression to enhance sex life are:

  • Talk out your concerns with the partner and try to think of mutually acceptable and workable plans.
  • Tell yourself that this is just a phase and your sex life will be back to normal once you deal with depression.
  • Take psychological treatment for depression.
  • If you do not wish to have complete sexual intercourse try indulging in activities such as hugging, kissing and cuddling as these may bring back the excitement gradually.
  • Do not pressurize yourself into sex as this may make you feel worse.
  • If you are on depression medicines, inquire about the possible side-effects on your sex life from your doctor.

Exercise for that spicy sex life. Exercise is known for many health benefits and one of them is definitely sex. It helps rev up your blood circulation by keeping your cardiovascular system hearty and happy. Health experts all over the world believe that a boost in the level of endorphins in the body helps love-making; not to mention, being toned would obviously make you and your partner feel sexier leading to a more pleasurable experience.


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