Useful Tips How To Get A High Libido


It’s known that herbs can enhance sexual desire in women, but they also can improve general health, as well. If you are wondering what are the signs and symptoms of low sexual desire, this might help:

  • poor blood flow
  • insufficient levels of nitric oxide
  • small amounts of testosterone

To not feel stress, have headache, fatigue or nervousness (they have a huge effect on the sexual drive in women), the brain must be maintained at proper levels and you need a good hormonal balance. See how to balance your hormones here.

Here are some herbs that can improve your sexual desire:

Ginkgo Biloba

It’s been proved that this herb improves memory, but it also has a great impact on the female libido, as well. It was found that ginkgo gives good results in 84% of the cases, this includes increased sexual desire, arousal and orgasm.

Damiana (herb)

This herb has a very good effect on sexual desire. It maintains the reproductive organs in excellent condition. Damiana creates feelings of euphoria, reducing stress and tension.

Dill seeds

They contain phytoestrogen, which helps to regulate period, reducing the signs and symptoms of menopause and increases milk production in suckling mothers.


It has been used for centuries as a natural aphrodisiac agent that improves blood circulation. You can eat it pickled, candied or raw. It also increases the sensitivity of erotic zones.


It has an incredible impact on the female reproductive system and can prevent vaginal atrophy. According to traditional Chinese medicine, it can boost sexual desire and to increase longevity.


It contains anethole, which resembles to estrogen. Earlier, anise has been used to increase milk production in suckling mothers, and to relieve periods, enhancing sexual desire in women.


Chocolate increases the levels of serotonin and endorphins in the body, relieving pain and enhancing mood. Try a romantic dinner with chocolate and strawberries and leave the desire to lead you.

Vitamin C

It improves sexual desire due to its ability to absorb iron, the formation of blood cells and the metabolism of the adrenal gland. The last one, produces many hormones that affect sexual life, and stimulates orgasm in women. Furthermore, vitamin C protects body against stress, strengthens immunity and helps to keep the joint pain active.

Tips to get a High Libido

If you feel that your libido decreases, find some “spice”. A well-known fact is that the brain is the largest sex organ, but you can try some of the suggestions below:

  1. have sex in places that previously have avoided (kitchen, hallway, laundry room ..)
  2. do not refuse to have sex with your partner every time he has desire
  3. buy new and provocative lingerie, surprise him
  4. send SMS with provocative text( do it often during the day)
  5. buy a sex toy, read erotic novel or watch film together
  6. give a sensual massage to your partner, or visit spa together
  7. lose weight if you are fat
  8. do exercise together
  9. start a low fat diet, it also increases libido

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