What Are The Causes Of Low Sex Drive In Women?


The desire for intimacy is a natural need of men and women. But, low sex drive or lack of libido is very harmful for the relationships. And, natural libido of females depends on a complex interaction of several components that affects intimacy. Moreover, female libido depends on physical and emotional well-being, early life experiences, lifestyle, belief, and current relationship status. Furthermore, in many cases, several couples fail to enjoy a healthy sexual relationship due to female partner’s ignorance and upbringing. Nevertheless, many experts considered that loss of libido in females happen during middle age. Nonetheless, a large number of young females are also experiencing libido problems. Additionally, it becomes quite essential to know about the causes of low sex drive in women so that an effective treatment method can be used to restore suffering female’s libido. So, some of the primary causes of low sex drive in women are outlined below.

First of all, it is essential to understand the physiological reasons for loss of libido in females.

1. Numerous physiological diseases can affect female libido, for example arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disturbances.

2. Several prescription medications are found to be responsible for diminishing libido, for example anti-depressants, and anti-seizures.

3. Excessive usage of alcoholic beverages is a well-known libido killer.

4. Some females experience pain at the time of lovemaking, due to which they refrain from intimacy.

Secondly, hormonal changes can also alter female’s desire for intimacy. So, some of the causes for low sex drive in women due to hormone imbalance are mentioned below.

1. Menopause is considered to be a prime reason for loss of libido in females. Moreover, estrogen level drops at the time of menopause, due to which affected females experience vaginal dryness, which results in uncomfortable lovemaking acts. Also, imbalance of testosterone level in the body raises libido issues during the transition to menopause.

2. Hormone level changes at the time of pregnancy, which can put a damper on desire for intimacy.

Thirdly, some psychological and relationship issues are also leading causes of low sex drive in women.

1. Psychological disorders such as depression or anxiety can reduce desire for lovemaking.
2. Stress and poor body image can cause libido problems.
3. Low self-esteem can raise libido issues.
4. Lack of connection with the male partner, or breach of trust can cause libido problems.
5. Unresolved conflicts, or fights in relationships play a crucial role in diminishing female libido.

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