Why Do Women Lose Their Sexual Desire?


Sex will bring utmost happiness in one’s life only when his partner on the bed have the same wavelength of taught what he carries on his head. If there are indifferences in their mindsets both will not be mentally prepared for sexual actions. Generally, in sex, only the thought process materializes into sexual actions. When a female is disgruntled or has an aversion towards sex or intercourse, she will behave indifferently with her male counterpart. The majority of the women in this world suffer from constant mood swings which might be due to both internal and external causes. Girls will have heightened feelings only when her mind longs for extreme sex, and she will stay away from boys when she is not mentally prepared for it. One of the commonest problems that are faced by a fully grown woman is PMS which comes and goes every month. It is believed that girls have very low sexual desires immediately before or after the menstrual cycle. This is a scientifically proved statement since millions of adult girls in this universe have this unique problem.

There are certain rumors spreading everywhere that girls have more sexual virility than boys which is also a rumor mill. It is imperative to note that matured girls will respond to sex only when they have increased levels of testosterone or libido. On the other hand, if they have lower levels of desire or weak flow of testosterone they will have an aversion towards sexual activities. Women’s body is different in many ways when compared to men’s. This is also a well-researched factor. Researchers have found out that adult girls fall prey to stress, anxiety and other psychological disorders very quickly due to external causes. They take several hours to come to terms with reality and by the time they come back to reality the men goes away in search of some other partner.

Broken relationship will aggravate the problem

Married women those who have broken relationships always tend to show aversion towards sex. These might be related to past hurts that have happened in their earlier marriage or marriages. Men might also be responsible in several ways. Hormones play a significant role in the body of women. Both testosterone and estrogen are critical hormones in the human body. Ladies will have increased levels of libido only when these hormones are kindled. Erotic girls those have higher levels of testosterone will fall on the bed for sexual actions. But it is found that these hormone secretions come down during the aging process. Women those who had extreme sexual interest during their young ages will lose interest when they reach mid-age or fifty years of age. This is quite natural and there is no remedy for it.

Stress and anxiety may kill the sexual interest

Grown up girls those who have reached their adulthood should be free of severe stress and anxiety. But if they have severe stress they will never get ready for a sexual relationship with her counterpart. Bringing up the children or other social responsibilities may also be responsible for poor libido. Women or ladies those who own many responsibilities in their office will have no time for sex since they will always be suffering from different types of psychological problems. Thought process will also play havoc. Both men and women those who are readying for a sexual relationship should be free of stressful or bothering thoughts at least until the time they reach climax. But in reality, several women suffers from panic stricken or fearful thoughts which lead to poor show on the bed.

Childbirth may also be the reason for lower libido

Parenting women or newly married women those who have delivered a beautiful child may have poor testosterone level due to various reasons. Girls always live a fearful life till they get married to men. They will feel that they are sleeping with stranger till they come to terms with them. So, men cannot indulge in sex immediately after marriage when his partner is scared about his presence. But libido problem is a temporary one who will heal naturally at one point of time. Females those who have reduced libido may also consume pills or naturally derived libido enhancing herbal supplements like Fezinil – pills for sexual desire.


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