Women Don’t Say It but Actually Hate These 4 Sex Positions


It’s quite a possibility that you have done your research and your sex arsenal boosts these awesome moves. The problem is that women are not digging them as much as you thought they did. So has your whole sex life been one big lie? Quite possibly, because women don’t say it out loud because they think you feel great. As it turns out, they absolutely hate these sex positions.

1.The Butter Churner

Butter churners belonged to a time period which was a 100 years ago. Nope, among worst Cosmo sex positions is a woman’s dream come true. In this one, a man’s doing the household chores – not. The ideal way to get your lady to get off is to have her lying on the ground with her legs over her head, while you squat on her, like on the toilet seat. Not a great mental picture, is it now?

The reason this makes it to the cut of the worst sex positions for her is because it is extremely uncomfy for her. And to top it all, a churning motion is called for. Yes, you are to treat your partner’s vagina as if it is full of cream, and you are the only one with the tool that can churn it into delicious butter.

2.Doggy Style

Doggy style is counted among the worst sex positions for women simply because it too painful. The problem is that you are directly striking her cervix, this makes the deep penetration more hurtful than hot. It makes matters worse if you remove yourself fully and reenter as she will not be able to keep lube levels up.

Also, a lot of women think doggy style lacks intimacy. Not to mention, her elbows and knees are probably bruised from all the friction. Rug burn is the pits. So even if you are having a great time admiring her assets while she’s on all fours, she doesn’t have that great a view.

3.The Pair of Tongs

Tongs conjure this image of salad, which in the sexual domain, can be your superhighway to getting or plain grossing you out. You know, that’s all thank to “tossing salad” (Warning: Don’t Google that if you are at work or on a public computer.)

On the plus side, this requires no food items at all and on the down side it just might be one of the worst sex positions for your back. What it asks for is that the man be strong enough to forklift his female partner while standing. He needs to position himself between her legs and go to town. Well, it’s just like scissoring with the standing and the dangling.

4. Woman on Top

How would you feel if you had to stand naked on stage and sing in front of a million spectators? Though there aren’t a million people around while you’re doing the dirty but that’s how insecure she feels. Women fixate on what they stomach or breasts look like from your viewpoint. And though you might think she’s an absolute rock star, she feels incredibly vulnerable which can douse her fire.

The easy go-about is to get on her side. Do a side-by-side position where she lies on her back and raises her right leg. You ease inside her at a 90-degree angle.


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